Door & Gate Openers
Chamberlain has been manufacturing Garage Door and Gate Opener remote controls since the late 1970's.
Allstar or as they used to be knows as Allister has been producing remote control products for a number of years.
Digi Code
Digi Code 5010 300 MHz Garage Door or Gate Opener Remote...
Eagle EG140 300 MHz
This Eagle EG140 also known as a Linear Multi Code 3089 / 3089-11 is a single button visor style garage door or automatic gate opener remote control t
The EMX D-TEK LP is a standard vehicle loop detector that can be used in any 11 pin harness or socket. This unit is desinged to work in low voltage a
Genie has been known for manufacturing high quality Garage Door Openers since 1954. Operating through the years under a few different Alliance, Blue
GTO Mighty Mule
This GTO RB741 Single Button remont control is directly compatible with the Mightty Mule FM135 remote control. The RB741 is a 318 MHz, 9 dip switch t
Heddolf CRC390-3A Three Button Visor Garage Door Remote 315 or 390 MHz This LiftMaster 973LM compatible remote by Heddolf is a 3 button visor remote c
The LiftMaster 371LM is a single button visor remote control that works with the Liftmaster 315 MHz Security+ receivers.
This Linear Delta-3 DT is a single button 310 MHz visor garage door or remote control transmitter works with any Linear Delta-3 310 MHz Receiver. Prog
Linear DNT00002A
This Linear Delta-3 DT is a single button 310 MHz visor garage door or remote control transmitter works with any Linear Delta-3 310 MHz Receiver. Prog
Linear MegaCode
The great new unit from Door Openers and More replaces the now discontinued Linear MCT-11 is the correct remote for your opener if you have any of the
Marantec 832 Digital 2 Button Remote Control 315MHz This high quality generic remote control will work great as a replacement of or along with your ex
Moore O Matic Compatible Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad This Moore-O-Matic compatible wireless keypad from Door Openers and More will work with either
Multi Code 3089 3089-11 300 MHz Garage Gate Opener Remote Transmitter This Linear Multi Code 3089 / 3089-11 is a single button visor style garage door
Overhead Door
Overhead Door 109130-340 340 MHz Compatible Visor Remote Control This Overhead Door 109130-340 340 MHz compatible single button visor remote control
Sears Craftsman
Sears Craftsman 139.53681B Compatible 3 Button Visor Remote Blue Button This great 3 button visor unit from LiftMaster is a direct replacement for you
Stanley 1050-15 310 MHz Visor Garage Door and Gate Remote Control This Stanley 1050 / 1050-15 garage door opener remote control transmitter will contr
Stanley Secure Code
Stanley Securecode 49442 Compatible Wireless Keypad Entry System This great wireless keypad from Door Openers and More replaces the no longer made 494
Transmitter Solutions
Transmitter Solutions 300MCD21K Firefly SU7CCF3001B 300 MHz Mini Remote Control Multi Code Compatible This Transmitter Solutions 300MCD21k is a Multi
Wayne Dalton
This Wayne Dalton model 327310 / 3973C is a 3-Button Remote Control Transmitter works with Wayne Dalton Classic Drive garage door opener models using
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Let's delve into some of the key features you should be aware of when considering a garage opener remote.


1. Range: The range of a garage opener remote refers to the maximum distance between the remote and the garage door for it to function correctly. Depending on your specific needs, you may require a remote with a longer range, allowing you to operate your garage door from a greater distance, such as from your car or even from inside your home. Conversely, if your garage is close to your house, a shorter-range remote may suffice.


2. Security: Security is another critical aspect to consider when selecting a garage opener remote. Look for remotes that offer rolling code technology, which generates a new access code for your garage door opener with each use. This helps prevent unauthorized individuals from intercepting and duplicating the code, enhancing the security of your home.


3. Battery Life: A remote with a long battery life is essential to ensure hassle-free operation.  for remotes that utilize energy-efficient technologies or offer convenient battery-saving features such as auto-shutoff. It is also a good idea to keep spare batteries handy to avoid any inconvenience when the battery runs out unexpectedly.


4. Compatibility: As previously mentioned, compatibility is crucial. Verify that the remote you choose is compatible with your specific garage door opener model and brand. This information can usually be found in the product specifications or by reaching out to our knowledgeable customer service team.


5. Programmable Features: Some remotes offer additional programmable features that allow for customization and convenience. For example, you may have the option to program your remote to control multiple garage doors or even other devices such as lights or gates. Take advantage of such features to simplify your overall home automation setup


We aim to provide our customers with a range of options that cater to their unique requirements.


First and foremost, compatibility is crucial. Ensure that your remote is compatible with your specific garage door opener system to avoid any compatibility issues.


Additionally, factors such as range, security features, battery life, and ease of use should all be taken into account when making a decision.


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